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Coating Control and Pot Equipment

Zinc Coating EquipmentBronx International is a leading designer and builder of coating control and pot equipment for continuous galvanizing lines. Continuous development of our coating Control equipment has ensured Bronx is a well-respected supplier of Air Knives and Pot equipment for new installations, as well as upgrades to existing lines. Bronx Coating Control Equipment is also supplied to other metal coating line manufacturers for their projects worldwide.

The Bronx design has a number of unique features which provide our customers with a controllable, accurate and consistent coating thickness.  the result is a high quality, high yield product.

Bronx has developed a range of models and options to suit various applications and budgets.

Bronx coating control equipment has been installed as original equipment on new lines and retrofits on many existing lines.

Unique features have been designed into Bronx coating control and pot equipment providing a high quality galvanized product, suitable for all end users. The design of the equipment also results in lower maintenance costs.

Bronx New Generation Air Knives and Pot Equipment

Bronx new Generation Air Knives and Pot Equipment have been developed to enable improved control and great flexibility to the Metal Coating line operator, whilst maintaining the Bronx tradition of simple operation and robust design.

New Generation Air Knives

  • Single Head and Double Quick Change Head designs
  • Designed for line speeds up to 180 mpm
  • Coating weights from 90/m2 to 350g/m2 (both sides)
  • Strip widths up to 1500mm
  • Strip thickness up to 4.0mm
  • Differential coating capability
  • Compact design allowing excellent pot access
  • hardened alloy steel and chrome plated air knife lips to maximize operational life
  • Edge baffle System for coating weight control on strip edges
  • Controls and Adjustments include:
    • knife to pot vertical
    • Knife to strip horizontal (tandem and individual)
    • Knife angle of attack
    • Knife skewing
    • Knife jet gap
    • Knife air pressure (tandem and individual)
  • Options:
    • Additional Horizontal Air Knife axis adjustment
    • Air Knife gap cleaning device
    • Servo-motor adjustment
    • Air Knife maintenance and calibration stands


Download the Bronx International Coating Control Brochure (pdf)

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